Saturday, September 15, 2007

Short Writing Contest held by SCBWI

About this time last year I received my first nugget of hope that I was, indeed, capable of writing something print-worthy.

SCBWI offers short writing contests on their web-site. I was the winner of contest #23 "Back to School.

This may be a small success, but to me it was huge. My confidence is very low, and this contest gave me a GREAT BIG BOOST! Thanks SCBWI!

I'm still basking in the prestigious glory. :0)


Janelle said...

I DID miss this! Wow - congrats on winning an SCBWI contest!!! The competition for those things is fierce! Once again, I am honored to know you! - Janelle

Christina Farley said...

That is huge. You are on a roll!